Partial and full acrylic dentures

Premium quality dentures that will last

At A.D. Denture Services, we specialise in designing highly functional and comfortable dentures that appear just like natural teeth.

Our dentures are made of top-quality materials that will last for years to come. our dental technicians are well-experienced and can fulfil your requirements.

Though we offer services to local laboratories and dental surgeries, denture repairs, clean-ups and minor corrections are available to the public.

Cobalt-chrome dentures

These pictures and illustrations are a small number of castings that have been produced by A.D. Denture Services over the years with a mix of preformed plastic (viscoform) patterns and conventional wax patterns.

Acrylic dentures

Quality has always been our first consideration. Hence, we offer a very high standard of workmanship in which you and ourselves can take pride, whether the work is destined for private or health service purposes. The basic plastic denture is supplied at a highly competitive price using one of our thorough services which enable us to pass on to you the savings achievable, by balancing the various stages of production. These dentures are crafted, mounted, accurately waxed, completed by slow curing and finished to A.D. Denture Services standards without loss of tooth detail and with a smooth high gloss finish. For patients who require more than the basic plastic denture, there are clear palates, metal bases, contouring, stippling, colour toning, veining and anatomical articulating available.

Soft Characterisation

Soft characterisation involves colouring only the marginal gingiva. This 1-2mm narrow strip of tissue is the area which is immediately visible when the patient's labial angle is raised slightly. The marginal gingiva follows the contours of the tooth necks in a garland shape and has a smooth surface and pale-pink colouring. Polymer colour 53 is used for this area. It is important to ensure a smooth colour transition between the marginal gingiva and the denture base material in colour 34.

Medium Characterisation

Medium characterisation is an extension of soft characterisation, which also includes colouring of the attached marginal gingiva. This method is indicated for patients with a high smile line.  This 3-9mm wide strip of tissue is firmly attached to the alveolar bone tissue. This layer of soft tissue on the alveolar bone is relatively thin and receives slightly more vascular supply. It should be noted that the distribution of gum texture varies from one person to another and can be irregular. Polymer colour 55 is used for the attached gingiva.

Strong Characterisation

In the case of strong characterisation, the alveolar mucosa is included in addition to the areas covered by medium characterisation. This is used for patients where a large proportion of the lip flange is recognisable. The mucogingival border between the attached gingiva and the alveolar mucosa can be identified by a change in colour from light red to dark red mucosa.

What is important for the dental technician is this colour boundary which is due to the higher number of blood vessels. Colour 57 is used here. Fibres are added for the finely branching arterial vessels.

Individual Characterisation

The intensive colours provide ample scope for individual characterisation of the gum tissue. As it has already been seen, the gingiva shows individual variations in colour. It incorporates areas which receive different levels of vascular supply, and can tend towards red, white or blue as well as having different levels of pigmentation depending on racial type. The alveolar process, for example, which is not always strongly defined, can be made a little lighter and thus visible.

For this type of colouring, the intensive colours are required, which are dissolved in the monomer i tiny amounts (tip of a knife) and then mixed in with the respective polymer.